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About Us

Wilson International Manpower Services, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in recruiting qualified personnel. A compelling track record of 31 years (since September 1982) in the Middle East places us in a unique position to cater to your every requirement. Our talented professional staff will do their utmost to meet your time frames in a cost efficient way. We have built our reputation by operating within the legal mandates of all destination countries and we will work with you to ensure that all details are in compliance. Once committed to you, your company and the personnel recruited, we will guarantee our performance.

Our selection of candidates for the various job orders are pre-screened, tested, evaluated, qualified and categorized into their respective areas of skills, thus eliminating tedious pre-screen difficulties experienced by other hiring companies.

We are the leader in providing the best-fit persons for the job.  We ensure that the preferred migrant workers are technically competent, experienced, in good health, can work harmoniously with other nationalities and have good English communication skills.

The Employer will have the pleasure of meeting the short listed candidates, further strengthening his perspective of the personnel. Comprehensive resumes and background information of qualified candidates will be provided on a confidential basis to further ensure quality selection.


Lindsey Reynoso first conceived the idea of putting up Wilson International Manpower Services, Inc. in 1982 when he was still working in Arzanah Island as a Senior Material Supervisor for Amerada Hess Oil Company in the United Arab Emirates.  Inspired by his strong faith that the ALMIGHTY will one day make his vision a reality, he was persuaded by a UAE local businessman to resign from his job and become his counterpart in the Philippines.  He teamed up with his daughter, Lorna S. Reynoso, who worked as his Assistant Manager. They started by providing Household and Hospitality staff to the entire UAE, which at that time was experiencing rapid economic growth.  She then seized the opportunity to establish an affiliate office in Abu Dhabi, and through her honesty and strong determination built a good reputation that is recognized up to now.  Her boundless care and concern during the entire employment contract made employers and employees recruited work more efficiently during and beyond the initially agreed contract tenures.  Turnover was thus dramatically reduced, as counseling and frequent site visitations strengthened trust between the concerned parties.  

Lorna S. Reynoso was an Elementary School Valedictorian, a Special Science Section student in High School and a consistent scholar of the University of the East where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, major in Accounting.  Wilson, her one and only child whom she named the company after is behind all her inspiration in her endeavors and achievements.

Wilson Reynoso is a graduate of BSBA, major in Management and Human Resources in the State University of West Georgia, USA.  He vows to further the success and development of the company when he takes over as the Vice President.






 You may send your updated resume to the ff Email id and always ind read more...

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