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  1. Manpower Sourcing:Is achieved in a variety of ways and means. Our good reputation in the market and the use of state-of-the-art online research engine work very efficiently along with our Marketing Strategies. We also maintain a data bank of qualified personnel for an assortment of trades and positions for current and future client requirements.
  2. Newspaper Advertising:Is also recommended to capture a broader base of applicants who are ready for employment and are interested to relocate.
  3. Pre-Screening And Document Verification: Is undertaken after applicants present their updated resumes for evaluation. When everything is in order, we transmit them to the client for perusal.
  4. Selection:Can be done from the short list without personal interview or we invite the client to travel to the country of origin to personally interview, test and finalize the selection of candidates.
  5. Letters Of Appointment / Individual Contracts:Are recommended to be signed while hired candidates are in the country of origin. This motivates them, confirms their willingness to travel and acceptance of client's terms of employment.
  6. Medical Examinations: Are coordinated for selected candidates. We require that medical fitness be attested prior to undertaking the Employment Visa application. Medical fitness attestation takes approximately three to five (3-5) working days.
  7. Trade Test: Unless employed abroad for a considerable number of years or at the discretion of the employer, current and future requirements necessitate a screening and pre-qualification process to identify the strength or weakness of technical personnel. Such process is called Trade Testing. The rationale of trade testing is to identify the specific work skills and practical capabilities of an individual based on his work experience. This provides the employer an effective means of determining a job applicant's skill level and other vital information in a systematic and scientific manner. This system is broken down into three areas: Theoretical Examination, Actual Performance of the Test, and Technical Interviews. Behavioral values are also observed although this is dealt more extensively in Psychological Testing.

Our Rating System is as follows:

Class A: 90 to 100%
Skilled Excellent Worker for the specific trade applied for and considered proficient in both theory and practice. He has the initiative and requires very minimal supervision.

Class B+: 80 to 89%
Fairly Good Skilled Worker for the specified trade who needs minimum supervision in his assigned tasks.

Class B: 75 to 79%
Semi-skilled worker who needs supervision. Has limited experience in his assigned job. Good potential worker for the trade he applied for after more experience and training.

Class B- : 70 to 74%
Assistant Helper.  Needs maximum supervision.  Lacks experience in the trade he applied for. Needs intensive training.

Class C: 69% below  
Unskilled worker.

An attested tamperproof certificate is issued for every personnel examined.

  1. Employment Visa: Procurement and cost are the responsibility of the hiring company or individual.
  2. Job Order: Is necessary if an employer intends to hire more than five workers. This document needs to be typed on the sponsor's letterhead and must include the Job Classifications, Number of Employees by classification, each classification's minimum Basic Salary and the General Benefit Package. We in turn, submit this Job Order along with a copy of the Company sponsor's passport to the origination country's local Embassy for authentication. Eventually it is registered with the country of origin's Ministry of Labor. Authentication can take up to two (2) days, courier to country of origination three (3) days and accreditation with the Ministry of Labor a maximum of 10 working days. Minimum Salary Rates will have to conform to the country of origin's Published Recommended Rate for Job Classification in order to gain approval.
  3. Philippine Embassy Formalities: Attestation of legal documents for the Job Order, Trade License and Special Power of Attorney is required by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) in the Philippines.
  4. One-way air ticket: From Manila to any airport in the country of destination nearest to the work site should be provided by the employer.





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